Lets get real with Airbrush


I have one purpose with today’s blog post and that is to simply educate. First of all you should know that I am not “for” or “against” airbrush makeup, I do use it…. sometimes.

I get approached by brides constantly that ask before anything else “do you do airbrush?” my response is always the same ” Yes. Why are you looking for airbrush?” I like to ask because I find 99% of the time they ask because they have been trained to ask and yet have no idea why. They either respond with “because it’s flawless” or “because it lasts all day” both are True AND False.

This conversation has lead me to this point to give an un-bias opinion to help you know the “why”.

I have found that most of the brides asking about airbrush have a big misconception that airbrush is a special type of make up. The reality is that airbrush is just a tool used to apply makeup.


There are 3 types of makeup that you can use with an airbrush; a water base, a silicon base, and an alcohol base (used more for body paint).

As a bride you will more commonly find with make up artists a water or a silicon based makeup. So which one is better?? This can be a debate between makeup artists similar to Republican or Democrat.

I’m a silicon fan… just sayin’ 🙂

Water based makeup is great in its own ways it dries quickly and sets. it also has less of a makeup on my phone kind of effect. Water based has a more matte effect and in my opinion leaves your face felling a bit tight (as in dry) but it looks great. The MAJOR down side is water based makeup is that it comes off with water so if you’re a bride and think you might cry, or sweat,  then this is a really bad option. a tear will leave a track down your face and is a nightmare to touch up.

Silicon based make up works more like the way wax works in hair, keeps put but is pliable and naturally water resistant. Cry all you want dab dry those tears and your foundation still looks perfect. Another huge benefit to silicon based makeup is that a silicon molecule is round.  what does that mean to you? High Definition of course. because the molecule is round it reflects light back evenly. in simpler terms it is more camouflaging to wrinkles, gives of a radiant glow, and photographs so much better. The questionable down fall to silicon makeup is some people say that silicon makeup can cause break outs to acne prone skin. I question this because I have never had a client break out from it. my response to that is people break out if they don’t wash their face at night no matter what makeup they use.

Now back to the Airbrush…. Whats the big to do???

An airbrush sprays the makeup on to the face in little dots or in other words pixels. we live in a digital world now that works in pixels. your T.V. and Camara and even the way we print things all read, transmit, or print in pixels. in this sense its speaks the same language so can appear more flawless. now in my opinion unless you are printing a billboard size picture of yourself a manual application with brushes, at least from a highly experienced professional, can look just as amazing!

I tend to stick more to my brushes not because I don’t like airbrush but because the way I like to sculpt the face is not as convenient with an airbrush. simple as that! but hey you want me to airbrush GREAT! I’ll sculpt an alternate way.

So. Now you have some info to back up your question and you can decide for yourself if you want airbrush but more importantly what type of makeup to use.

ImagePhotograph by Josh Rossi Photography


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