Date-night Beauty Tips:

Best way to look gorgeous on a date, or event, is to play up either the eyes or the lips.  With bold lips, play down the eye makeup and vice versa.  You want to make one feature pop and complete the look properly.  It’s all about balancing the makeup! 

Date-night beauty tips:

  • For an edgier take, opt for a darker lip, because all dates usually begin in the evening.  Bolder lips don’t seem so dramatic at night, and will play up the lips well.
  • If you don’t prefer reds, a berry, bold-pink, or wine shade looks great too!
  • Keep the eye makeup minimal; by adding soft shadows in the crease or lid and keeping the liner more natural it will balance the makeup well.
  • Keep your skin looking fresh; you can keep skin looking glowing and youthful by using a luminous foundation or by adding a highlighter on the top of the cheekbones.



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